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Cloud Accounting

Your Time Is Valuable, Get More of It with Cloud Accounting from Gates Accounting

Nobody wants to spend all day overloaded with bookkeeping and administrative tasks – they only manage to do this to either earn a living or to bring their business idea to life.

However, with our cloud accounting service, you can automate tedious accounting and bookkeeping tasks and get back your time.

What Is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting from Gates Accounting is an amazingly innovative service that enables business owners to carry out their accounting processes – systematised and streamlined accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and business advisory services – seamlessly on the cloud. Cloud accounting enables users to store all their business accounting records in one, easy-to-access cloud location.

Our cloud accounting service can be tailored to meet client’s individual needs. It is also scalable – can be easily scaled as businesses evolve and grow. Irrespective of your business size or mode of operation, cloud accounting can easily replace or complement existing manual or traditional accounting systems.

Benefits of Our Cloud Accounting Service

Our cloud accounting service offers the following benefits:


Anytime, anywhere: Our cloud accounting service makes businesses more agile, giving users remote access to their accounting data.

Document management:

Businesses can easily and efficiently track and manage their account statements, receipts, bills, and so on.

Payroll automation:

Users can automate their payroll calculations, remittances, direct deposit, and tax forms.

Payment automation:

Cloud accounting enables you to automate and streamline your payment processes and see everything in one place.

Real-time monitoring and reporting:

Our cloud computing service enables you to have your account reporting all in one place and at your fingertips where you can gain access to timely information, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and monitor and forecast cash flow for better budgeting.

Automatic and secure back-ups.

Why Gates Accounting?


We will help you to easily move your business accounting process from manual to cloud accounting and will guide you through a smooth transition


Gates Accounting offers affordable pricing and flexible payment methods, which include cryptocurrency.


Our cloud accounting service is tested and efficient, with an effective implementation


We offer professional training as well as post-implementation support for individuals and staff

Contact us today to learn how cloud accounting from Gates Accounting can help your business grow tomorrow.

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