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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It enables you to pay for goods and services more securely. You can also trade with cryptocurrency to make a profit. Here is more about what cryptocurrency is.

A cryptocurrency is a new form of digital currency that can be used as a form of investment and also pay for goods and services online.

Cryptocurrency works using an online ledger – the Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a decentralised technology spread across several nodes (computers) that manage and record transactions. Blockchain technology uses strong cryptography to secure online transactions – one of the features that made cryptocurrency so appealing.

Currently, the most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, reaching about $65,000 in value in April but dropping to about half its value in May due to volatility, a major problem associated with cryptocurrency. Recently, the value of bitcoin was about $47,000 (You can always check cryptocurrency exchanges for the latest price).

Cryptocurrency Tax Expert

The UK government treats virtual currency as property and a form of investment and requires that cryptocurrency tax be paid by crypto investors and owners. Anyone who doesn’t report his/her cryptocurrency transactions correctly and file their cryptocurrency tax return may subsequently be held liable for penalties. To save you from unpleasant situations, we’ll help you take out the hassle of filing your cryptocurrency tax return.

Gates Accountancy is a trusted cloud-based professional accountancy practice that focuses exclusively on providing accounting, reporting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, tax planning, and cryptocurrency accounting services for clients in the UK.

Our Services

Gates Accountancy offers a wide range of accounting and taxation services, including transaction reconciliations of cryptocurrency investments that can be customised to client’s specific needs.

We have vast professional knowledge and experience to handle cryptocurrency accounting and cryptocurrency tax filing. We provide creative tax guidance and advice for both individuals and businesses to help navigate the difficult cryptocurrency tax landscape successfully.

Here are some scenarios where you have to pay cryptocurrency taxes:

You sold cryptocurrency

You bought cryptocurrency

You paid for a good or service with cryptocurrency

You are paid in cryptocurrency

You have given a gift of cryptocurrency

You donated cryptocurrency

At Gates Accountancy, we ensure that our clients within the cryptocurrency community pay the lowest amount of cryptocurrency taxes that they are lawfully required to pay based on their transactions. Trust in our cryptocurrency tax services to minimize your tax liability. 


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