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What we offer

At Gates Accountancy, we are proud to offer a fully comprehensive accounting and tax service to individuals, contractors, professionals and small to medium businesses. 

Our professional services include:


Gates Accountancy offers general bookkeeping services for discerning business owners. We understand that most business owners who need bookkeeping services often think that such professional service is expensive. We, therefore, position ourselves to bridge the gap between such business owners and professionally coordinated business finances. More so, some SMEs don’t usually have lots of works to keep a full-time in-house bookkeeper. So, hiring the service of a qualified part-time bookkeeper is often the best option, and that’s where Gates Accountancy comes in.

Gates Accountancy offers complete bookkeeping services where we will capture and record every one of your financial transactions and generate accurate and strategic financial reports with them. Our online bookkeeping services will also help to reduce costs and manage your books efficiently.

Our bookkeeping services include but are not limited to the following:

Business analysis and business performance review


Bank reconciliations


Income statements, statement of financial position and other periodic management reports


Sales and expenses tracking


Tracking of creditors and debtors


Tracking of items held for resale

Tax Services

We understand that as a business owner, you are faced with a long list of tax reporting obligations, which include VAT, PAYE, Personal Income taxes, CIS, Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

We will help you calculate, pay, file all your monthly and annual tax dues and give you professional tax advice while you focus on running your business operations.

Payroll Services

Paying employees can be a time-consuming nightmare for small business owners considering the involvement of laws and the HMRC in payroll functions. This can go as long as eight hours a month. We are here to save you all the stress. Gates Accountancy offers payroll services tailored to your exact business’s needs.

We will calculate all your director/employee payroll information so that you can pay them accurately and on time. We will prepare the payslips for you and make all the necessary regulatory filings.

Our payroll services:


Are very cost-effective


Saves time


Eliminates risks and worries associated with payroll tax filing


Allows you to focus on core competencies


Offers accurate and comprehensive reports

Accounting Services

Gates Accountancy offers several in-house accounting services for small to medium businesses. We will not only plan, set up and organise all of your accounting activities but we will also handle your VAT returns, payroll, bookkeeping,  taxation reports, annual financial statements and so on.

In addition, our cloud accounting solution will simplify and revolutionise the experience of managing your business’s accounting and financial information.


If you’re interested in any of our services, kindly contact us for a free initial consultation.

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